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GREETINGS EVERYONE and welcome to the rebooted Get to Know Your Guildies (g2kyg) brought to you by everyone's favorite druid, Growliebear! To start things off, we are going to be getting to know our lovely morale officer Karensa!!


First off, what is your toon's name or what you go by in game?

How long have you been playing WoW? 
Since the beginning of time... (actually since closed beta)

What made you start playing WoW? 
I played Warcraft III, loved the lore, and had the opportunity to play the beta.

What is your favorite race/class/spec? 
Blood elf/Priest/Discipline pre-Legion

What brought you to Darkwind? 
During MoP, my raid guild fell apart, and I decided that it was time to devote my time to more productive pursuits out of game. I created a 'bucket list' of in-game experiences to accomplish, moved to a non-pvp server, and so on. I was around level 30ish when I met a couple of people from Darkwind, and the rest is history.

What is one (or more!) of your favorite memories from WoW? 
I once levitated down the elevator in BRD, aggroing Ony, and having her follow us up the elevator to wipe the raid before they fixed that bug. Falling off the ledge of every instance in the game, making friends and wiping the group; Life-gripping my pocket tank and wiping the.... I detect a theme here.

What is your favorite things to do in game? 
Collect ALL the things.... I love mounts, pets, transmog pieces, weird gray items... Oh look, I have an empty bag slot!

If Blizzard to shut down all servers tomorrow, what game would you be playing? 

Tell us more about yourself outside of the game! What are some of your hobbies or things that you do for fun besides play WoW?
I like tentacles, except not really.

What do you do for your job, or what would you love to do as your job?
I recently returned to school to pursue my dream of becoming a reference librarian.

Describe the coolest place you have ever visited? (outside of the game of course)
Langkawi, Malaysia is a grouping of islands that is one of the most exquisitely beautiful places in the world.

If you were a giant mega monster, what city would you rampage?
Newark, New Jersey for obvious reasons.

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them!
It's too soon.

What is your favorite color?
Is this a trick question?

What is your favorite food? (or favorite thing you've ever eaten!)
Manoushe (a Lebanese bread)

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?
I would indulge more frequently in my love of SCA and rejoin the Rebel Legion.

What are some small things that make your day better?
A steaming cup of Earl Grey and brioche toast with homemade strawberry jam, a good run, Pusheen gifs.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?
Game of Thrones, Madam Secretary, West Wing, Star Trek TNG.

What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?
I met my significant other on a dark and stormy night in Stormwind Harbor.

Violet Spellwing

Darkwind has done it; clearing Antorus with a Heroic Argus kill. This brings us our final Ahead of the Curve for the expansion, with a shiny new Violet Spellwing mount as a reward. It takes quite a bit of practice, teamwork, & understanding of your teammates to achieve this throughout the entire stretch of Legion, so great work everyone.

A special shoutout to our Progression raiders that have raided the entire span of Legion: from Emerald Nightmare, into the Trial of Valor, through the Nighthold, into the Tomb of Sargeras, finally ending our journey at Antorus, the Burning Throne. A big thanks to Bloodshox, Growliebear, Henessy, Karensa, Leiur, Liarawolf, Lunahime, Ramza, Shadram, Shozz, and Waldhaar for your unwavering dedication to seeing us through the expansion. 

As we wrap up the expansion and prepare for BfA, our Raid Lead team would like to thank all raiders for being here, and for keeping raiding fun, light-hearted, and 4 hours in the week to look forward to. Here's to our raiding endeavors in BfA!

For those interested in trying their hand at clearing Heroic Argus, make sure to make contact with any member of the Raid Lead team (Bloodshox, Karensa, Shadram, or Waldhaar) to see how you can become part of the Progression Team.

Heroic Argus

Darkwind Turns 9!

Shadram a posted Feb 9, 18  -  darkwindanniversaryevents

Darkwind's 9th

This past Wednesday, our guild threw a 9th Anniversary celebration. We started in the Darkmoon Faire with a Steam Tonk relay race through the petting zoo. Each team made their way through the route, while the other teams tried shooting their tonks down. Grats Team Shaman/Mage--Bloodshox, Henessy, Quimby, and Ramza--the winning team, who each received Sky Golem mounts. 

Next, we moved next door to the ETC performance stage to hold our transmog contest, "Darkwind" themed. Bloodshox impressed the masses with his wind-themed transmog, winning him a Steelbound Harness mount. After a guild picture at the Broken Shore, we wrapped up the evening at our traditional Stormwind Pumpkin Patch with a traditional dodgeball game, where the winning team picked up a Hexweave and Shal'dorei Bag set for new alts.

Everyone in attendance received Shal'dorei bags and a lottery present--filled potentially with rare pets such as a Spectral Tiger Cub, expensive crafted toys... or the ever elusive Left Shark pet. The grand prize for the night was a Vial of the Sands, Sandstone Drake 2-seater mount, which Vortice picked up with a /roll of 94. Bloodshox blew the Trivia Contest away, winning him a Jeweled Onyx Panther mount. The trivia questions of the night:

  • Q1: What date was Darkwind founded?          
    • A1: February 9, 2009
  • Q2: If one of our guildies lives in Hawaii, what time would the 8 o’clock rule allow conversation to become more PG-13?         
    • A2: 6pm
  • Q3: Every October, Darkwind changes its guild banner & tabard colors in helping to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. What are the two colors?         
    • A3: Pink & White
  • Q4: Darkwind had a successful 25-man in Siege of Orgrimmar, before flex raiding became the new normal. Which SoO encounter was Darkwind’s 25-man’s first of many Realm First kills?         
    • A4: Norushen
  • Q5: When Legion launched, Shozz prioritized something different. He became Darkwind’s first member to obtain an interesting artifact, earning him a unique title. What was the artifact, & what is his title?         
    • A5: Underlight Angler; Fishing Officer
  • Q6: During WoW’s 10th Anniversary, Darkwind organized 2 successful 40-man Molten Core runs. Name 3 of the 4 tanks who led the group into battle for our first run.         
    • A6: Saevel, Seraphroy, Wagdwa, & Widowmaker
  • Q7: Back when Darkwind used Mumble as our voice client, if you told a really bad pun or anecdote, you were banished to what muted channel?         
  • Q8: DarkwindCon 2017 found a few of our guildies heading to Anaheim for BlizzCon, as well as hanging out at the guild Airbnb. Which three members with shaman mains were in attendance?          
    • A8: Bloodshox, Henessy, Shadram
  • Q9: During our Community Outreach Week prior to Legion’s launch, our guild provided four services to the general Alliance community in Stormwind Park. Name two of the services we provided.         
    • A9: Enchanting new Invasion gear, Opening portals to invasions, Rezzing corpse bombers for pamphlet Feat of Strength, Handing out netherweave bags

It was great seeing Discord filled with so many people, and knowing that after 9 years, we are still thriving as a guild. It wouldn't be a great guild without great people, and Darkwind is filled with them. Thanks those for coming, thanks those who sent us love during the week, and here's to another year of gaming together as a guild.

Darkwind 2018


The new year brings around more things for our guildmates to participate in. One of the benefits of being in a guild is to be able to tackle some aspects of the game with other people. More casual in nature, Darkwind will host them, and if you are free and want to come along, come and go as you please. It will take some time to roll these events out on a regular basis, so pardon the dust as we settle into the changes. These events include, but are not limited to:

  • TIMEWALKING EVENTS (Transmog runs, Timewalking dungeon nights, Timewalking raids)
  • LEGACY NIGHTS (Older Legion raids for quest and transmog acquisition)

Growlie will be reviving our GET TO KNOW YOUR GUILDIES, an interview-styled spotlight on members--new and old--to give our guildies more information on our Darkwind population. From these posts, you may learn some interesting facts about the people you see online.

Having a hard time finding others to run MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS? Liarawolf is here to help. Make sure to communicate with him, and he will do his best to coordinate with others, to allow for successful attempts at harder dungeon content.

Much of our direction moving forward has been solidified by the responses we obtained from our guild survey in October, so a big thank you goes out to everyone that took the time to answer our questions. To continue to provide an avenue for feedback, we will pin a FEEDBACK FORM on our Discord server, for members to leave thoughts, ideas, and responses to what Darkwind does well, and what Darkwind can improve upon.

Darkwind is always looking for people to help out with things around the guild, so if you are interested in hosting a trivia night, heading up some transmog/timewalking runs, or flesh out a current deficit, please let Shadram know! Lastly, if you ever have any questions about any of our existing events, the revamped #welcome channel on Discord has links for who to contact.

HERE'S TO 2018!

Merry Winter Veil

Shadram a posted Dec 27, 17  -  darkwindeventsholidays

Darkwind Winter Veil 2017

Thanks for all who showed up for the Darkwind Winter Veil celebration! Special grats to Growliebear for winning the Ugly Transmog Contest, Malfrost for finding all the items for the Holiday Scavenger Hunt, and Leiasha for his quick knowledge of Carol Trivia. This year, we had 15 guildies participating in Secret Santa as well, so for everyone who went out of their way to give their person a great gift, thanks for making someone's holidays a little brighter.