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Darkwind Turns 8!

Shadram posted Feb 9, 17  -  darkwindanniversaryevents

Another February rolls around, another year Darkwind celebrates as a guild. This year, Darkwind turned 8!

Darkwind's 8th

Our events this year was a short collection of our "best of games" from previous anniversary parties. A Steam Tonk Tournament at Krasus Landing (grats, Bloodshox on winning!), a Dazzling Rod Tournament that became like a Lazer Tag game in the Darkmoon Faire forest (grats, Malfrost for winning a JewelCraft toy for having the longest kill streak of 11), Shoeboots winning the transmog contest, and Growliebear grabbing the prize for winning our trivia! Everyone in attendance /rolled for the final mount prize, with Henessy rolling a solid 100.

Our Trivia questions this year:

Q: During our 2016 Winter Veil Party, who won the prize for the funniest White Elephant gift exchange gift, and with what gift?
A: Korexi, a 200-stack of Bat Guano

Q: Who famously fills our FB wall with adorable dog/cat videos & pics?
A: Widowmaker

Q: Karensa is Darkwind's current Morale Officer. Name three of Darkwind's previous Morale Officers.
A: Shadram, Squirrely, Bakey, Kulwych, Serenia, Zyneste, Stebe

Q: Answer the question: Growlie, what faces?

Q: Which boss in Warlords of Draenor eluded Darkwind's "Ahead of the Curve" achievement?
A: Heroic Blackhand, Black Rock Foundry

Q: Aredawg has organized two successful Herald of the Titans Title Runs. What Ulduar boss must you kill at level 80, and what gear score may you not surpass (not including weapons)?
A: Algalon the Observer, 226 item level

Q: Who were the two tanks of our first 25-man Garrosh kill in Siege of Orgrimmar?
A: Daisysmash & Seraphroy

Q: In June of 2015, DarkwindCon 2015 brought 13 of our members to Ohio for a guild meetup. What was the name of the theme park they raided?
A: Cedar Point

Tiebreaker: During Gratitude Week in 2015, we sold raffle tickets for 100g for members to show appreciation to others within our guild. We were able to raise enough gold to give away three Alliance Choppers. How many tickets were sold?
A: 765

Panther Prizes

A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate! Here's to another year of memories!

DarkwindCon 2017!

Shadram posted Feb 7, 17

Hey Darkwind, here to elaborate on DarkwindCon2017, which we announced last night during Darkwind's 8th Anniversary!

Who: Darkwind Members and family!

Where: Anaheim, CA

When: Early November 2017, the weekend of BlizzCon

A handful of us are looking to secure tickets to BlizzCon, which go on sale for two days in April. However, they are hard to get and sell out within minutes. There will also be a group probably not attending BlizzCon but staying in the area, as there are other things to do (Disneyland, sight seeing, staying in and just playing Parcheesi, etc). At minimum, we will have one big meetup over dinner together.

Travel and lodging expenses can start to rack up, so we wanted to plant the seed early. Get that vacation time scoped out! Once we have an announced date for ticket sales, we will be coordinating to figure out who can purchase extra BlizzCon tickets (more credit card points! In the past, each person could buy 4 tickets), who members can obtain tickets from, and lodging arrangements for those who would like to split a bill.

Let's make this happen, Darkwind! Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming months!

Out of Helheim

Shadram posted Jan 16, 17  -  darkwindprogressionraiding

What a kill. Heroic Trials of Valor proved to be quite the testing ground for our Progression Team, with a few nights dedicated to perfecting a strategy for the Heroic Odyn encounter. After a couple pulls on Guarm, the three-headed gateway beast fell at the hands of our raiders. So we move onto Helya, one of the least killed end bosses of a raid. The difficulty curve of this fight surpasses the majority of Mythic Emerald Nightmare encounters, so Heroic Helya took practice, coordination, and stamina. All of that paid off; with one of our cleanest kills, Darkwind defeated Helya.

As Nighthold opens tomorrow, it's great to know that our raid team is staying ahead of the curve, and performing feats that test our skills. Looking forward to finally punching Gul'dan in the face! Nighthold, here we come!

Heroic Helya

Merry Winter Veil, Darkwind! Our party last Monday found the group killing the Greench and saving Metzen, donning our ugliest transmogs (grats to Growlie for being the ugliest... dressed!), visiting Greatfather Winter on the cliffs of Highmountain, partaking in a violent snowball fight (thanks Bakey, Malfrost, and Fheng for finding the culprits!), and sharing hilarious gifts for the gift exchange (I hope Korexi never comes to an actual gift exchange. No one wants a 200-stack of Bat Guano IRL!).

Thanks for those of you who came out to help bring in the holiday. May you all wrap up 2016 on a high note, as we welcome in 2017! See you on the other side!

Winter Veil 2016

Every October, Darkwind changes its guild colors pink, in order to raise awareness for breast cancer and cancer prevention. In addition to changing our guild colors, we hold an annual Naked Race to parade through some of the major Alliance cities shouting our cause. Even if one individual ingame hears the pleas to get regular checkups, our mission is complete. 

We had a great turnout for our Naked Race and Hallow's End party. Bakey won our scary transmog contest, and Malfrost won our sexy transmog contest. After killing the daily boss in Bradensbrook, we played three rounds of Vampire Assassins in the cornfields at Bradensbrook. What is Vampire Assassins, you ask? Maybe join us for future guild events, or ask a member that attended. It was a blast!

Hope more can join us in our guild events, as we wrap up 2016! Gratitude Week is coming in November, and our annual Winter's Veil party is in December!