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Heroic KJ

After a leisurely stroll through the Tomb of Sargeras, Darkwind's Progression Team watched Heroic Kil'jaeden fall. Great job raiders, and here's to preparation for Antorus, and the conflict on Argus!

Gul'dan is Gul'down...? Gul'dan is Gul'gone...? Gul'dan is Gul'dead...? <insert other Gul'dan pun here>.

Tonight, Darkwind's Progression Raid downed Heroic Gul'dan for the first time. It took quite a bit of flawless execution to pull off this feat, but we were successful! This brings Darkwind another "Ahead of the Curve" achievement, and the conflict in the Nighthold finds its resolution. Great job, team!

If you'd like to join our team in the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras raid, make sure to check out the raiding document, and chat with a member of the Raid Lead team (Bloodshox, Waldhaar, Karensa, or Shadram) so we can assist you. Kil'jaeden, here we come!

Kill video below! Thanks Liarawolf for editing and putting that together for us.

Gul'dan Screenshot

Out of Helheim

Shadram posted Jan 16, 17  -  darkwindprogressionraiding

What a kill. Heroic Trials of Valor proved to be quite the testing ground for our Progression Team, with a few nights dedicated to perfecting a strategy for the Heroic Odyn encounter. After a couple pulls on Guarm, the three-headed gateway beast fell at the hands of our raiders. So we move onto Helya, one of the least killed end bosses of a raid. The difficulty curve of this fight surpasses the majority of Mythic Emerald Nightmare encounters, so Heroic Helya took practice, coordination, and stamina. All of that paid off; with one of our cleanest kills, Darkwind defeated Helya.

As Nighthold opens tomorrow, it's great to know that our raid team is staying ahead of the curve, and performing feats that test our skills. Looking forward to finally punching Gul'dan in the face! Nighthold, here we come!

Heroic Helya

The Nightmare Ended

Shadram posted Oct 2, 16  -  progressionraiding

This past Thursday, Darkwind's Progression Team wrapped up its run in Normal, bringing the Emerald Nightmare to an end. We look forward to repeating this feat weekly, as well as try our hand at the Heroic difficulty. Great job, raiders!


Legion has launched, and this week, Darkwind found themselves in The Emerald Nightmare. After two nights of Progression Raid and one evening on Sunday, the guild has successfully downed the first five bosses of the raid. It is always really exciting to try new content out, and we are proud of what our raiders have accomplished.