Founded on February 9, 2009, Darkwind is an Alliance guild on the Wyrmrest Accord role-playing server in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Our founder, Katastros, began the guild with several members of a former guild, as well as transplants from overpopulated realms. Many came from non-RP realms and were lost. Darkwind took them in and gave them a friendly home.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe haven for mature players by offering a fun and friendly environment.

Our Vision:

Darkwind was established as a guild for everyone—from the young novice to the seasoned veteran—and we will strive to maintain that ideal. We will continue to grow and improve by bringing in high-quality members and helping them become the best players that they can be. Our hope is that we can continue to provide support and excitement for all types of players no matter what they desire, be it raiding, PvP, or even RP.

Our Values:

  • Providing a friendly, mature and open atmosphere
  • Placing real life and family before guild and game
  • Encouraging self-motivated activity and personal improvement
  • Promoting helpfulness among the guild and those outside of us
  • Treating people in the Darkwind community, as well as the greater gaming community, as we would like to be treated
  • Showing loyalty and respect to the guild and all of its members
  • Having fun; this is a game after all


  • All members of Darkwind should always be respectful of others. While this is mainly a rule focused on guildmates, it should also include anyone with whom we come in contact, be it another guild/player on Wyrmrest Accord, or even a PUG in a dungeon. The Golden Rule still applies in WoW: “treat others as you would like to be treated.”
  • In thinking about how your actions affect other people, avoid inappropriate actions, show respect to random players in dungeons, do not be disruptive to others playing on our realm, and do not harass other players. This includes annoyances such as and not limited to: spamming in chat, using impersonal grats macros, typing in all caps, ASCII art, asking for gold/items/favors repeatedly or otherwise being obnoxious.
  • If you have to be warned more than twice for disruptive behavior, you will be removed from Darkwind.


  • Take initiative to ask others in guild to join you if you are going to run a random dungeon, raid, or battleground. We should always be doing our best to include other guild members. Guild perks are a thing of the past. The purpose of a guild is to take part in group activities; if you want to fly solo at all times, then you might want to reconsider being in a guild.
  • If you need help with anything, do not hesitate to ask. These people are your guildmates, friends, and teammates, and are almost always willing to help (within reason) if you are willing to ask.
  • When a new member joins the guild, please greet them and do your best to make them feel like a part of the guild. Think about how you want to be treated when you join a guild. Also, try to greet other members when they log in. A simple “hello” could make a guildmate’s day.

Self Motivation/Initiative:

  • While inclusion is a leading component of Darkwind membersing, one of our values is to encourage self-motivated activity and personal improvement. While your guildmates are here to help, please utilize and thoughtfulness and some restraint at the type of request you are making. Make sure your request is realistic to your efforts. Asking your guild to carry you through current progression content without evidence of prior practice or gearing efforts is an example of an unrealistic request.
  • There are so many valuable resources online these days; Wowhead, Google, and YouTube come to mind. Do your personal part in trying to research something before flooding guild chat with numerous questions that could have been easily found with a few minutes of personal effort. Your guildmates are there for you when you get stuck, but are not your personal search query. If your line of questioning starts to become tedious, people will probably stop responding to them.
  • There are officers in place whose purpose is to help you improve as a player. Ask away! They will take the time to work with you individually. Please respect their guidance, and their time.

The 8 O’clock Rule/Topics of Conversation:

  • Before 8:00pm server time (Pacific Time), we ask that all members abstain from using foul or inappropriate language in Mumble or guild chat. The reason we do this is because there are a few minors in this guild, as well as several parents with young children that may overhear or read something inappropriate.
  • Belittling comments regarding race, gender, and orientation (real life) are off limits at all times. There will be a low tolerance for this. Other polarizing topics such as religion or politics should be taken out of guild chat. If you want to discuss these things, pull someone into a private conversation, or private Mumble channel. There is no reason to cause strife in the guild because you believe differently from someone else.
  • Even after 8:00pm, not all topics are “fair game.” We are a family-friendly guild, and that doesn’t change after 8:00pm. Rather than make a grocery list of inappropriate topics, we encourage guildmates to be mindful that guild chat is for all of our members and some stories are best told privately.
  • If you are asked to move a conversation out of guild chat by an officer, before or after 8:00pm, please be respectful and understand that the correction is being made for the benefit of others in the channel. Failure to comply will result in consequence, not excluding removal from Darkwind.


  • Darkwind has a Discord server for use by any guild members and associated friends. It is used for dungeons, raids, PvP, meetings, and general discussion. Any and all guild members are encouraged to use this feature. Any policy we have regarding guild chat (respect, inclusion, 8 o’clock rule) applies to Discord as well.
  • Discord log-in information can be found by reading the guild information located in the Info Tab of the Guild UI. Discord information has been known to change from time to time, including passwords, so check the Guild Info if you have log-in issues.
  • Please try to use the appropriate channels while in Discord. For example, if you are running a dungeon with a guild group, please use a Dungeon channel. In addition, try to keep text discussion within the correct text channels.

Guild Vault:

  • Darkwind has an 8-tab guild vault that is available to all members ranked Disciple and up (anyone who is not a Neophyte), and has an authenticator. The vault allows members to share useful items like gear, crafting mats, glyphs, etc. Some ranks have the ability to make repairs from the guild vault, but this is limited and we ask members who use this feature to try and contribute back when they can.
  • The guild vault has 8 tabs with a different level range or purpose. Please put items into the correct tabs. If you cannot put items in the tab it belongs, put it in the first tab until an officer can move it. If you’re concerned that you don’t want items being taken from this Free for All tab, mail them to an officer instead. If you are unsure where to put something, please ask our Guild Vault Manager or any other officer for assistance.
  • Things that should be vendored/auctioned and not placed in the guild vault
    • Food, drinks, and crafting materials purchasable from vendors
    • Bandages
    • Poor quality (gray) items, AKA vendor trash
    • Alcohol (the bank is not a bar)
    • Common (green) and uncommon (blue) quality gear
  • If you are taking mats out of the bank to help level a profession, make sure the character is one actually in our guild. No taking mats out to help out a non-Darkwind toon.
  • If you have been found removing large quantities of items from the guild bank without speaking to an officer about it, we reserve the right to instantly demote you to Neophyte until we can find out why. We have been stolen from one too many times, so we’re going to play this safe rather than sorry.


  • If a member has any grievances or complaints about other members, please direct those complaints to our Morale Lead (Karensa), or to another Elder. 
  • To protect the wellbeing of our members and the overall integrity of the guild, should conflict or intervention arise, Darkwind leadership will assess any volatile situations and decide the actions needed moving forward. Generally, a "three strikes" policy will be maintained. If a particular member is found causing repeated problems, the Elders will move towards removal of the member from the guild. 
  • Sometimes you may find another gaming community that suits your personal interests, and may choose to leave the guild in pursuit of those interests. Sometimes, those pursuits fall apart, so with communication with an Elder, re-invitation to the guild is possible. However, Darkwind is not a revolving door for guild membership. Multiple /gquits is an indication that membership within a community is not valued; because of this, leadership reserves the right to wish you well in finding a new community to call home.

Darkwind Officers:

Guild Lead

  • Shadram - Guild Leader & Content Lead


  • Bakey - Management Team Lead
  • Katastros - Founder (Guild Lead 2009-2013)
  • Karensa - People Team Lead & Morale Officer
  • Stabby - Former Guild Lead (2013-2016)


  • Aredawg - PvE Legacy Content Officer
  • Bloodshox - PvE Current Content Officer
  • Malfrost - Guild Vault Manager & PvP Coordinator


  • Growliebear - Get to Know Your Guildie Coordinator & Inclusion Assist
  • Larinde - Inclusion Assist
  • Liarawolf - Mythic+ Coordinator & Inclusion Assist
  • Quimby - Events Coordinator
  • Waldhaar - PvE Assist

Officer Position Descriptions:

  • Guild Leader – Oversees entire guild. Manages officers, facilitates conversation about guild direction, and is responsible for establishment, modification, and enforcement of guild rules and policies.
  • Management Team Lead – Assists guild leadership with various tasks and projects, oversees the officers responsible for the logistics of guild management, manages web content, social media, and tech for Darkwind.
  • People Team Lead – Maintains positive relationships between guild members, resolves any member issues, ensures that guild rules are not violated by members, and acts as the moral conscience of Darkwind. Also oversees the recruitment process, from application to interview to invitation.
  • Content Lead – Oversees the leadership in PvE current content and legacy content. Works with Content Officers to schedule events for the guild members.
  • Events Lead – Plans and provides periodical guild gatherings in-game, AKA Darkwind parties.
  • PvE Legacy Content Officer - Oversees raids, dungeon runs, and group ups of non-current raid tier content. This includes Timewalking events, transmog runs, and old school achievement runs.
  • PvE Current Content Officer - Oversees raids, dungeon runs, and group ups of the current raid tier. Researches and explains strategies, sets progression team policy, constructs loot council, and assigns roles in raids.


  • Recruitment Assist  Assists in the recruitment and growth of the guild roster, through application processing and interviews.
  • Inclusion Assist – Involved in the assimilation of new members, general inclusion of Darkwind members, contributing to Darkwind events, recruitment, website content, and maintaining a positive atmosphere.
  • Guild Vault Manager – Oversees gold inflow into our guild vaults, and overall organization and supplying of the guild vault and production of materials needed for raiding.


Darkwind Guild Ranks:

  • Guild Lead
  • Elder - Leading Council of Darkwind
  • Praetor - Senior Officer
  • Acolyte - Officer
  • Zealot - Progression Raider
  • Fanatic - Level 110 Member
  • Disciple - Member (must be a member for 10 days AND have an authenticator)
  • Neophyte - Initiate (members newer than 10 days OR do not have an authenticator)