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Darkwind Turns 9!

Shadram a posted Feb 9, 18  -  darkwindanniversaryevents

Darkwind's 9th

This past Wednesday, our guild threw a 9th Anniversary celebration. We started in the Darkmoon Faire with a Steam Tonk relay race through the petting zoo. Each team made their way through the route, while the other teams tried shooting their tonks down. Grats Team Shaman/Mage--Bloodshox, Henessy, Quimby, and Ramza--the winning team, who each received Sky Golem mounts. 

Next, we moved next door to the ETC performance stage to hold our transmog contest, "Darkwind" themed. Bloodshox impressed the masses with his wind-themed transmog, winning him a Steelbound Harness mount. After a guild picture at the Broken Shore, we wrapped up the evening at our traditional Stormwind Pumpkin Patch with a traditional dodgeball game, where the winning team picked up a Hexweave and Shal'dorei Bag set for new alts.

Everyone in attendance received Shal'dorei bags and a lottery present--filled potentially with rare pets such as a Spectral Tiger Cub, expensive crafted toys... or the ever elusive Left Shark pet. The grand prize for the night was a Vial of the Sands, Sandstone Drake 2-seater mount, which Vortice picked up with a /roll of 94. Bloodshox blew the Trivia Contest away, winning him a Jeweled Onyx Panther mount. The trivia questions of the night:

  • Q1: What date was Darkwind founded?          
    • A1: February 9, 2009
  • Q2: If one of our guildies lives in Hawaii, what time would the 8 o’clock rule allow conversation to become more PG-13?         
    • A2: 6pm
  • Q3: Every October, Darkwind changes its guild banner & tabard colors in helping to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. What are the two colors?         
    • A3: Pink & White
  • Q4: Darkwind had a successful 25-man in Siege of Orgrimmar, before flex raiding became the new normal. Which SoO encounter was Darkwind’s 25-man’s first of many Realm First kills?         
    • A4: Norushen
  • Q5: When Legion launched, Shozz prioritized something different. He became Darkwind’s first member to obtain an interesting artifact, earning him a unique title. What was the artifact, & what is his title?         
    • A5: Underlight Angler; Fishing Officer
  • Q6: During WoW’s 10th Anniversary, Darkwind organized 2 successful 40-man Molten Core runs. Name 3 of the 4 tanks who led the group into battle for our first run.         
    • A6: Saevel, Seraphroy, Wagdwa, & Widowmaker
  • Q7: Back when Darkwind used Mumble as our voice client, if you told a really bad pun or anecdote, you were banished to what muted channel?         
  • Q8: DarkwindCon 2017 found a few of our guildies heading to Anaheim for BlizzCon, as well as hanging out at the guild Airbnb. Which three members with shaman mains were in attendance?          
    • A8: Bloodshox, Henessy, Shadram
  • Q9: During our Community Outreach Week prior to Legion’s launch, our guild provided four services to the general Alliance community in Stormwind Park. Name two of the services we provided.         
    • A9: Enchanting new Invasion gear, Opening portals to invasions, Rezzing corpse bombers for pamphlet Feat of Strength, Handing out netherweave bags

It was great seeing Discord filled with so many people, and knowing that after 9 years, we are still thriving as a guild. It wouldn't be a great guild without great people, and Darkwind is filled with them. Thanks those for coming, thanks those who sent us love during the week, and here's to another year of gaming together as a guild.

Darkwind Turns 8!

Shadram a posted Feb 9, 17  -  darkwindanniversaryevents

Another February rolls around, another year Darkwind celebrates as a guild. This year, Darkwind turned 8!

Darkwind's 8th

Our events this year was a short collection of our "best of games" from previous anniversary parties. A Steam Tonk Tournament at Krasus Landing (grats, Bloodshox on winning!), a Dazzling Rod Tournament that became like a Lazer Tag game in the Darkmoon Faire forest (grats, Malfrost for winning a JewelCraft toy for having the longest kill streak of 11), Shoeboots winning the transmog contest, and Growliebear grabbing the prize for winning our trivia! Everyone in attendance /rolled for the final mount prize, with Henessy rolling a solid 100.

Our Trivia questions this year:

Q: During our 2016 Winter Veil Party, who won the prize for the funniest White Elephant gift exchange gift, and with what gift?
A: Korexi, a 200-stack of Bat Guano

Q: Who famously fills our FB wall with adorable dog/cat videos & pics?
A: Widowmaker

Q: Karensa is Darkwind's current Morale Officer. Name three of Darkwind's previous Morale Officers.
A: Shadram, Squirrely, Bakey, Kulwych, Serenia, Zyneste, Stebe

Q: Answer the question: Growlie, what faces?

Q: Which boss in Warlords of Draenor eluded Darkwind's "Ahead of the Curve" achievement?
A: Heroic Blackhand, Black Rock Foundry

Q: Aredawg has organized two successful Herald of the Titans Title Runs. What Ulduar boss must you kill at level 80, and what gear score may you not surpass (not including weapons)?
A: Algalon the Observer, 226 item level

Q: Who were the two tanks of our first 25-man Garrosh kill in Siege of Orgrimmar?
A: Daisysmash & Seraphroy

Q: In June of 2015, DarkwindCon 2015 brought 13 of our members to Ohio for a guild meetup. What was the name of the theme park they raided?
A: Cedar Point

Tiebreaker: During Gratitude Week in 2015, we sold raffle tickets for 100g for members to show appreciation to others within our guild. We were able to raise enough gold to give away three Alliance Choppers. How many tickets were sold?
A: 765

Panther Prizes

A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate! Here's to another year of memories!

Darkwind's 7th

Last Sunday, our guild congregated to celebrate 7 years as a group. 7 years in a game that is 11 years old is quite a feat, to say the least. With a night of games and hard-to-obtain "Darkwind-themed" prizes, we kicked off the evening with three rounds of Darkwind Laser Tag, using Dazzling Rods around Shad's garrison, Stormshield, and Stormwind's Pumpkin Patch. Big congratulations to Bakey, Chopasuey, and Waldhaar for winning the Spectral Tiger Cub pets!

Darkwind Laser Tag

Three rounds of Capture the Flag divided up the group in two teams, splitting Stormwind City in half. Jail guards, flag guards, strike teams, and defenders required quite a bit of strategy from both teams. The winning team received Hexweave Bags, with some luckily walking away with a Corrupted Nest Guardian, the pet that drops off Iskar in HFC.

Karensa received a Garn Nighthowl mount by winning the transmog contest, and Minnie won our Darkwind 7th Anniversary Trivia Edition, riding away on a Jeweled Onyx Panther. The trivia questions asked:

  • Q: What is the name of Darkwind's Horde guild on Steamwheele Cartel?     A: Gloomy Breeze
  • Q: What item does the guild use for guild Dodgeball games?     A: Heavy Leather Ball
  • Q: What was Darkwind's first 25-man final boss kill as a guild?     A: Madness of Deathwing, Dragon Soul
  • Q: Which guild member has the most accumulated points on one character?     A: Katastros
  • Q: Who were the four healers present for Darkwind's first Heroic Mar'gok kill in Highmaul?     A: Shadram, Qatharin, Liarawolf, Priska
  • Q: What was Wußear's character name, before the higher powers at be forced a name change?     A: Careßear
  • Q: What has been the grand prize of the last few Hide and Seek events?     A: Vial of the Sands
  • Tiebreaker question: Name three of Shadram's alts. 

Ending our evening with a guild kill of Drov, popping a guild achievement, we wrapped up our celebration. No event writeup could capture the energy of our guildmates throughout the course of the night. It was a blast to see so many people hanging out in Mumble, hearing laughter, strategizing, and anecdotes.

Here's to many more years of being a guild. 

Darkwind's 5th

It was an incredible night to celebrate with our fellow guildmates. From the Dodgeball Tournament across various Alliance capital cities, to touring the Darkmoon Faire minigames, to the Relay Race through Stormwind, it was great watching teams working together. It was also heart warming to hear the Mumble server full of cheers for their competitors and teammates alike.

With almost 50 people showing up for the guild picture at the culmination of the Darkwind Anniversary Celebration, the leadership of Darkwind hopes to see you remain active through this next year. May we continue to find ways to enjoy the game with each other, and let's continue to make Darkwind the best guild out there!

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