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Merry Winter Veil

Shadram a posted Dec 27, 17  -  darkwindeventsholidays

Winter Veil 2017

Thanks for all who showed up for the Darkwind Winter Veil celebration! Special grats to Growliebear for winning the Ugly Transmog Contest, Malfrost for finding all the items for the Holiday Scavenger Hunt, and Leiasha for his quick knowledge of Carol Trivia. This year, we had 15 guildies participating in Secret Santa as well, so for everyone who went out of their way to give their person a great gift, thanks for making someone's holidays a little brighter.

Winter Veil Shenanigans

Shadram a posted Dec 25, 16  -  darkwindeventsholidays

Merry Winter Veil, Darkwind! Our party last Monday found the group killing the Greench and saving Metzen, donning our ugliest transmogs (grats to Growlie for being the ugliest... dressed!), visiting Greatfather Winter on the cliffs of Highmountain, partaking in a violent snowball fight (thanks Bakey, Malfrost, and Fheng for finding the culprits!), and sharing hilarious gifts for the gift exchange (I hope Korexi never comes to an actual gift exchange. No one wants a 200-stack of Bat Guano IRL!).

Thanks for those of you who came out to help bring in the holiday. May you all wrap up 2016 on a high note, as we welcome in 2017! See you on the other side!

Winter Veil 2016

Every October, Darkwind changes its guild colors pink, in order to raise awareness for breast cancer and cancer prevention. In addition to changing our guild colors, we hold an annual Naked Race to parade through some of the major Alliance cities shouting our cause. Even if one individual ingame hears the pleas to get regular checkups, our mission is complete. 

We had a great turnout for our Naked Race and Hallow's End party. Bakey won our scary transmog contest, and Malfrost won our sexy transmog contest. After killing the daily boss in Bradensbrook, we played three rounds of Vampire Assassins in the cornfields at Bradensbrook. What is Vampire Assassins, you ask? Maybe join us for future guild events, or ask a member that attended. It was a blast!

Hope more can join us in our guild events, as we wrap up 2016! Gratitude Week is coming in November, and our annual Winter's Veil party is in December!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Merry Winter's Veil

Shadram a posted Dec 17, 15  -  darkwind guildeventsholidays

Thanks to all who attended Darkwind's Winter's Veil Party.

Congrats to Fricaya for winning the race to the top of Mount Neverest. And congrats to one ugly looking dwarf (yours truly, Shad) for winning the ugly transmog contest, winning the reins of a Crimson Deathcharger! And for all of the participants of our Secret Santa, thanks for going out of your way to get your person something special. Public props to Bakey and Katastros for throwing a good party!

Hope you all enjoy your holidays! Stay safe, warm, and surrounded by loved ones.

Darkwind Winter Veil 2015

This November, Darkwind is going to begin a month of gratitude. This year, we’ve decided that we would show our thanks to our guild mates in a tangible way. Has a guildmate helped you catch that rare pet you’ve been wanting? Anyone help you with an achievement or dungeon run? Has anyone offered an answer to that question that’s been eluding you? Have you been short a few 100 gold for an auction house purchase, and someone give you the loan? Or even something as simple as a “hello,” when you were needing some social interaction?

Darkwind is giving our members an opportunity to show our appreciation for others who have helped in some way. You can do so publicly, by posting a comment on our Facebook Thank-you Thread, a shoutout in the website shoutbox, or a comment on this post. If you have not joined our Facebook group, look us up! And add your name to our "Who's Who" document, so we can know who you are. Take a moment to show another gratitude for something—big or small—that they have done for you to make your life a little better in your time in Darkwind and in WoW.

Not only are we providing ways to say thank you on social media, but we are also providing a raffle for Pilgrim’s Bounty! You can privately send an in-game message to Shadram and purchase raffle tickets for another Darkwind member of whom you are appreciative. Make sure to write a short thank you message to the individual when mailing Shadram in-game, and notate whether you want the recipient to know the purchase was from you, or whether you want them to be anonymous. 

Each raffle ticket is worth 100 gold, and there is no limit to the number of people you can purchase tickets for. For each individual, you can purchase up to a maximum of 5 tickets.  In our culminating event, we will be sharing the raffle ticket messages, as well as raffling a few prizes, our grand prize being 100,000 gold put towards an Alliance Chopper! 

If you are available, come join us for our events this month:
Saturday, November 21, 7:00pm: Raiding with Pepe! Come kill raid bosses with us and Pepe!
Sunday, November 29, 7:00pm: Hide, Seek, & Raffle! Play Hide & Seek, and be present for our raffle, in order to win the grand prize!

I am thankful to be part of a guild where members have becomes good friends, and am thankful for the opportunity to share my gratitude for them. I hope you find something to be thankful for this month, as we move into the holiday season.

Guildie Appreciation Month
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